Friday, June 1, 2018

Directions for Josh

Fill up the water cans at the outdoor spickit.
Double check to make sure you turned it all the way off. 

Water all the mulch in the kitchen garden by the blue water barrel. 
One can in the morning and one after it cools off in the evening. 

Go over the mulch between these two plants a 2nd time
because that's where the potatoes are planted. 


See there's a new plant coming up on the left of the squash plant. 

The squash plant has new flowers so it could grow some squash this year!
Don't kill it! 

Water the two curry plants and the loquat tree. Saturate the mulch like a sponge.
Three cans split between the three trees in the morning and at night.

 Be careful not to wash the mulch around the loquat tree into the greywater basin. 

If you aren't washing a load a laundry that day, water the fig trees one can each 
(alternating between them so the mulch won't wash away.)  

Water the mulch around the two tomato trees to keep the soil alive. 

They can share a can with the mint.  Water all around the mint. 

Water the garden behind the fence two times a day. 

Use one can for the two rows of chard and another can at night. 

Water all the mulch around the two new little plants but put more near the plants. It might need two cans to really saturate the mulch. Don't dump the water too fast. It will leave holes in the mulch. Also, don't pour the water directly on these delicate baby plants. Water it in the morning and evening. 

Now the front of the house...

Use one can of water twice a day on the grape, rosebush and chiltapine on the corner of the house.

Don't trip over the cactus rib on the way to the baby moringa in the roadside basin. 

Water the baby moringa one can of water at night.  Water all the moringa at least once a week. 

Don't forget to SLOWLY pour your dish water and rinse water on the Mexican Honeysuckle.

Pour your coffee water on the rosebush, the mulch around the tomato plants or in kitchen garden.


Make sure the animals have food and water. 
Take Pooh out with you when you water the backyard. 

Thanks for keeping our garden alive! 

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