Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Digging in the New Year

Our edible forest is coming along nicely. But what ever motivated Dan, hacking and coughing, to shovel out our greywater basin and plant saplings on the first day of the New Year? 

After a devastating year of national crises that left him reeling, perhaps it was time for a little grounding -  digging in for a good year of action.  

Implementing earthworks, like our greywater catchment basin, is always a process. We did several loads of laundry to see just how well the wash water would sink into the ground.  There was still a shallow pool of grey water after two days. (Now I know why it is called greywater. It was literally grey.) As Dan suspected, he needed to increase the surface area so the wash water would infiltrate better. 

Luckily, it was time for another load of whites. While the load was spinning, Dan planted some curry plants in the dirt he had dug out of the basin.

What better way to start the new year than to plant a little hope.

Dan delighted in freeing our little saguaro's tightly wound roots from last year's battered pot and planting it soundly in 2018. 

Does my baby know how to celebrate or what!?

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