Wednesday, July 12, 2017

Last preparations before the Monsoon rains!

Inspired by the looming rain clouds, Dan works on his long neglected catchment basin.

First, he digs up the gravel and pulls out the plastic to find a tapestry of roots.

Look at me! A human tamper! 

my baby moringa
Check out the moringa we transplanted in the street-side basin.  Poor thing is struggling in the heat. Hope it can withstand a good downpour!

A familiar sight in the neighborhood...
I dig out some weeds UNDER the sidewalk. As always, pooh is a big help.

To prepare for the coming rain, I clear out the dirt and debris blocking the ravine I built last year.

Dan secures the rain spout by our kitchen garden. 

Yikes! We really should clear the cat's claw from the gutters...

But we're off to harvest the last of the mesquite before the monsoon starts....  

...or doesn't...hmph! 

Ann Marie from S.E.R.I. delivers our rain barrels.
Gives us a chance to get rain barrels from S.E.R.I. before the next day's downpour! 

Ready for the rain!

To be continued... 

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