Sunday, March 17, 2024

Our St. Patrick's Day Tradition

St. Patrick's Day is kinda sentimental to me and Dan. Our first meeting (a tour of Colab) was expanded to include Dan's favorite spots downtown and a deep six hour conversation that resulted in our first kiss. But it finally sunk in that Dan had stressed that he wasn't looking for a relationship because he had come to Tucson to work on some projects - so I decided to end it right there. After all, I was 51 years old and didn't have time for a workaholic - even a charitable one. But I found myself buying corned beef and cabbage to celebrate Dan's Scotch/Irish heritage. (Only to discover later that he was cutting back on red meat.) Well, he came over for dinner and never left.

Our romantic gestures continued on that theme to include the Tree of Life - which became a symbol of our relationship and our commitment to our new (then) sustainable lifestyle. Dan even had a Celtic knot wedding band tattooed on his finger and wore a kilt to our wedding

So it became a tradition in our house to have a St. Patrick's Day feast. But our traditions have shifted slightly to a more sustainable lifestyle.

making zero waste broth with kitchen scraps

 We adapted our St. Patrick's Day classics to delicious vegetarian versions. Some of our favorites are cabbage soup, homemade Irish soda bread and vegetarian Bangers and Mash. Tonight we plan to have Shepherd's Pie. Yum!

We've found that we can adapt our traditionsour traditions to be even more meaningful to fit into our sustainable lifestyle. And it's a joy to do it.